“Biology gives us a brain. Life turns it into a mind.” This is a great quote from Dr. McKay who is an Australian neuroscientist.

The brain we are born with is almost like a blank canvas at birth. It is our life experiences that physically shapes our brain. For example, if I was born blind, my visual cortex (where vision is encoded in the brain) who look very different than yours, because you’ve had sight all your life.

Our experiences dictate how our brain cells connect, how our brain chemicals work, and how they influence what we do.

In fact, we are born with more brain cells than we die with. It is our life experiences that dictates which brain connections remain and which are pruned away. Therefore, it is important that we pay attention to what we expose our brain to through our 5 senses and our thoughts.

Behaviours and thoughts are actually brain cells communicating in a specific pattern. If we are not mindful of what we are feeding our brain, we can program our brains poorly. Once that pattern is stimulated through repeated behaviours or thoughts, it comes hard-wired in the brain and difficult to change. That’s why it take so much effort to change a behaviour we have always done.

So take your creative rights seriously. What your brain sees as a reality, is completely up to you.