Our brain does things in our subconscious that we are unaware of.

For example, our brain regulates our automatic functions that keeps us alive such as our body temperature, heartbeat, and breathing. Our subconscious brain also controls things like our reflexes or procedural memory which are things we’ve done so many times we can “do in our sleep”. For example, have you ever driven home from work and zoned out, only to arrive home and wonder how you got there? That is an action of procedural memory and an action of our subconscious brain.  Truly our brain is a fascinating organ.

What we sometimes forget is that just as our brain is built to regulate your physical self and our safety, it also regulates our mental self.

Our brain is constantly taking in information from our senses and keeping a record of what it detects. Our subconscious mind absorbs messages and conclusions about ourselves from a very young age and is not set up to rationalize what it records until we bring them into consciousness.

Think about the things that were spoken to you as a child from a parent, teacher, friend, or sibling.  Those words may have subconsciously shaped your opinion about yourself and your belief about who you are.  Or think about how you were raised, your belief system, what you valued or even what you didn’t have. Those things may influence your belief system as an adult and subconsciously influence your image of success, happiness, and wholeness.

Sometimes we need to bring the subconscious into consciousness to change the narrative.

Changing your mind is possible and it is anchored in very physical changes in the brain. It is about actively challenging your thoughts, choosing new ways of thinking, and following them up with action. And if we do this with enough repetition and consistency, we will retrain our brain cells to connect in new and healthy ways.