Living on Purpose

Discover Your Purpose with Dr. Krissy’s “Living on Purpose” Coaching Plan!

Are you ready to uncover your life’s true purpose? Sign up for our 8-step “Living on Purpose” Coaching Plan. The “Living on Purpose” Coaching Plan is a transformative plan created by Dr. Krissy, designed to help individuals discover their life’s purpose through neuroscience principles.

Here are the unique features and benefits of the “Living on Purpose” coaching plan:

  • Neuroscience-based approach for deeper self-discovery.
  • Comprehensive 8-step plan that integrates into daily life.
  • Live coaching sessions with Dr. Krissy.
  • Tailored guidance for value-aligned goal setting.
  • Focus on long-term sustainability and accountability.

Here is what each of the 8 steps within the “Living on Purpose” Coaching plan entails:

Step 1: Define Meaning & Fulfillment

Step 1, you’ll embark on an independent journey, defining the concepts of meaning, satisfaction, and fulfillment, all in preparation for your first live coaching session.

Step 2: Explore Your Core Values

Step 2, welcomes you into a live coaching session dedicated to self-discovery and values clarification, enabling you to identify your core values and what truly matters to you.

Step 3: Activate Your Brain's Reward System

Step 3, continues in another live coaching session, where we’ll delve into the brain’s reward system and fulfillment, clarifying your values and uncovering strategies to persist in the face of challenges.

Step 4: Embrace Mindfulness

Step 4, through independent reading and exploration, you’ll be introduced to mindfulness practices aimed at enhancing your present-moment awareness of what means most to you.

Step 5: Rewrite Your Life Story

Step 5, further explores the narrative of your life story in yet another live coaching session, allowing you to reframe your life stories to align with your values and purpose.

Step 6: Cultivate Meaningful Connections

Step 6, encourages you to actively craft a positive and meaningful life narrative, and it includes an exploration of connections and social relationships in another live coaching session.

Step 7: Set & Achieve Value-Aligned Goals

Step 7, involves goal setting and progress tracking in a live coaching session, focusing on setting value-aligned goals and developing a systematic approach for monitoring your achievements. In this step, we’ll also address strategies to conquer your fears and foster personal growth.

Step 8: Sustain Purpose & Accountability

Step 8, underscores the enduring importance of sustaining a sense of meaning and value, featuring the establishment of accountability mechanisms.

Living on Purpose

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