Dr. Krissy Doyle-Thomas has been awarded a Planning and Dissemination Grant – Institute Community Support grant from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research to address the pressing issue of mental health disparities in the Black Canadian community. The grant will enable Dr. Doyle-Thomas to develop a culturally tailored psychoeducation program aimed at empowering individuals to take charge of their mental well-being.

Public Health Ontario (2023) emphasizes that effectively addressing the mental health needs of the Black community requires a comprehensive approach that recognizes their diverse experiences, cultures, and approaches to mental health. There is a significant disparity in mental health service utilization between Black and White Canadians, and this grant will enable Dr. Doyle-Thomas to tackle this issue head-on.

The project will bring together a collaborative network of stakeholders within the Black community, including researchers, mental health practitioners, and community members. By leveraging community expertise in mental health and identifying priority areas and key adaptations, the program will be finely tuned to address the specific needs of this community.

The culturally tailored psychoeducation program will incorporate proven effective elements of psychoeducation and mental health education. It will cover a wide range of themes, including brain and physical health, coping skills, medication adherence, genetic predispositions, life stressors, racial trauma, sex, gender, intersectionality, and self-care, ensuring cultural responsiveness at every step.

Ultimately, the resulting framework holds the potential to guide future mental health interventions and programs for mental health service providers. It aims to enhance preventive mental healthcare for Black Canadians and address systemic disparities in accessing mental health services, contributing to a more inclusive and equitable mental health support system.

Congratulations to Dr. Doyle-Thomas on this prestigious federal award. Research will commence in 2024.

Follow this link for the Mohawk College press release: https://www.mohawknewsdesk.ca/mohawk-college-research-to-advance-inclusive-mental-health-support-for-black-canadians/