On the surface, talk therapy might seem like talking about your problems in a supportive environment. But the truth is, the effect is much deeper.  Therapies like Cognitive Behaviour Theory helps you to identify negative thought patterns and replace them with healthy ones.

You see, thoughts can change our behaviours.  In response to that, talk therapy gives us strategies on how to address problematic thinking.

A recent research study showed that six months of therapy can help the brain structurally change to improve connections between brain areas associated with fear (the amygdala), and those associated with reasoning and thinking rationally (the prefrontal cortex). 

This suggests that therapy can help a person to reduce unnecessary anxiety and rewrite thought patterns to restructure the brain.

Talk therapy is effective for several different mental health conditions where problematic thinking is a symptom. These include depression, anxiety, stress, post-traumatic stress disorder, schizophrenia and several others. 

However talk therapy is not only good for mental illnesses but it also a great way to maintain good mental health.

So if you think you can use new thought strategies to support your happiness, why not give therapy a try. You might be grateful that you did.